The Mix​-​Vape

by Drugg Money & Han G

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Welcome to all the People, Here it is... The Mix- Vape ! by Drugg Money & Han G a.k.a Schizo Creator and Artist Autistic! The secret is out ! They have had to release this project under assumed identities due to the overly pushy, Drastically nippy, incredibly unwanted attention of Ricky Henderson from Henderson Records.

Thanks to the haunter net You-Sonix Records are again proud to bring another IRON MASONS exclusive!!! Schizo and Artist can haunt the internet forever ! A while back You-Sonix brought you all ''Drugg Money - Thousands of Dreams'' Little did we know that Drugg Money a.k.a Ren Grizzy was actually Schizo Creator. We thought he sounded kinda similar but never expected him to be Schizo ! Seems he's been looking for ways to get around the recording contract at Henderson Records. They've got IRON MASONS on a 17 album contract ! Thats all gravy but Schizo and Artist call the shots.

Ricky Henderson wants a follow up to ''Lost Scrolls'' by IRON MASONS but Schizo and Artist say fuck that ! They want to keep the Lost Scrolls as an individual project with no sequel. They're also due to work on '' 4th Legend - The First Shall be The Last of The Mohicans'' which will definately be out someday in the future on Henderson Records- You Sonix will hijack that shit and give you free copies don't worry. Now we know all the a.k.a's can get confusing but it needed to happen in order to fool Ricky. We know you'll follow the steezo and understand the ways.

The Mix- Vape is a Trap album that Ricky would never have agreed to. Drugg Money and Han G is the key to the locked door of Trap destiny. Schizo and Artist used the names to bust some fuckin' heavy trap shit in your damn faces! With some of the best beats on the planet we hope you enjoy ! We damn well expect you to bump this music loud and proud. Overly offensive and downright dirty at times The Mix-Vape is sure to satisfy even the saddest bastards out there on the green Earth! Shit, even the queen of pop- Madonna said it's on her ipod playlist ! !! That's a fact !

Trouble arises when Ricky's goon tells him about Mix-Vape ! Check the intro to hear their bugged phone convo. Thing is it's too damn late, Ricky ! The Mix-Vape is out ! even Sons Of Scotland is in on it you scrawny tea bag. Try and Stop us and you'll end up with no hair left, we're too big to fail ! Schizo and Artist have promised Ricky they'll do more albums on Henderson Records but he's going to have to wait. It's way too enjoyable to wind him up ! Anyway enough of the talking..Welcome to The Mix-Vape ! !!!!!!!

(Disclaimer - album not for profit - a parody of trap music industry)


released July 12, 2016

Vocals Recorded Mixed/Mastered by Werd (SOS)
Written by Drugg Money & Han G.
Beats by various producers credited on individual Mix-Vape tracks/dubs.
Artwork by Drew Devine



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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