The Lost Scrolls

by Iron Masons / You-Sonix / SOS

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Following up on the Iron Masons first album ''Iron Mayan'' - Schizo Creator and Artist Autistic are back with a time-travelling, swash buckling adventure through Time, Nostalgia, Theme tunes and all out Mayhem. Get it in yer chop. Inspired by Steven Segal, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. Welcome to The Lost Scrolls!

Ever since the Iron Masons dropped the Iron Mayan album (See link below) in 2012, Ricky Henderson from Henderson Records has been trying to control the Iron Masons for his own gains but also offers fame and fortune to Schizo & Artist in return for them signing to his label. He realises the potential to change history and the future with the Iron Masons who are accomplished time travellers. Since the Iron Mayan album Schizo and Artist always give Ricky a hard time it's kinda like the Road Runner v Wylie Coyote.. . They know that Ricky beleives in their music but they don't appreciate his demands and see through his schemes with their 7 vision.

Will Ricky Henderson change the future ? Will the Iron Masons save the world ? Time will tell... Since releasing the Iron Mayan album Schizo & Artist have been searching for the Lost Scrolls so they can make their new music. They travel back in time to various chronological periods where they can gather the right knowledge to teach the kids. When Ricky Henderson discovers their plan he is predictably excited and seeks to get a peice of the pie. He steals the DeLorean from Marty McFly in order to time travel into the future where he sees the record sales for The Lost Scrolls. When The Lost Scrolls was released in 2015 via You-Sonix / SOS it was a local hit in Scotland. For 88 years the album drifted from pillar to post with only a national following. In the year 2103 a copy of the album was discovered by an archeologist in a mohagany box within a watertight iron casket in the bed of the Dead Sea which had almost completely evapourated in the year 2099. Schizo and Artist accidently dropped it off a sailing boat sometime in the past while they were meditating upside down on the deck of the ship. They were transporting the album to an Armenian queen who had requested it to be hand delivered.

When the archeologist downloaded the uplink from the USB stick contained in the casket she had an intense orgasm when she heard the music. When she calmed down she realised the world needs to know about this so it was uploaded it to iTunes for a price of £6.66 it was promised that all profits would go to the estate of Ricky Henderson who had won all rights to the music in a Las Vegas poker game against Schizo & Artist (He had a whole deck of cards up his sleeve). The album went from Gold to Platinum and kept on selling.. After all the Platinum ran out they started making record plaques out of Myrrh. Iron Masons remain the only musicians to ever reach Triple Myrrh status- When this happened the internet collapsed under the immense traffic, the banks crumbled when all the cash went to Henderson Records, life became hard all over the world and a barter system similar to Mad Max was in effect.

Marty McFly has enlisted the help of Indiana Jones in an attempt to get back his DeLorean. He had a spare flux capacitor in the car but Ricky got that too when he nicked it. He's looking for a master engineer called MacGyver to make a new flux capacitor out of empty Coke cans, Bubble gum and a Sony Ericsson mobile phone. Ricky Henderson is actually trying to save the planet from the mayhem which arises when people eventually start buying The Lost Scrolls.. Maybe he ain't such a bad guy after all? Iron Masons agree to save the world with Ricky by travelling back in time and changing their music so people don't like it.. But everything they do always grows on people. They hatch a plan to deceive Ricky on the next Album ''4th Legend'' which could possibly never be released due to the risks involved..( Chimpanzee related incidents) Anyways.. For Now we have The Lost Scrolls ! See for yourselves.. it's free online for the next 88 years so cop it peeps !

Wanna hear what the Iron Masons first album sounded like ? Wanna put peices of the puzzle together ? ..The ''Iron Mayan''album link.. (* Note full album not online)

( NOTE * The full Iron Mayan album is only available on hard copies. Cassette tapes, CD's, USB's with the full Iron Mayan album, which includes 2 secret tracks and a Skit, are available via You-Sonix Records * details below ) A hard copy of Iron Mayan is £7.07

For those wishing to hear where this all started you might like to hear the Iron Masons EP Which only exists on hard copy and is not online. The Iron Mason EP is available for £5.55 and can only be sold on USB,Cassette Tape or CD. A package is available to purchase both projects on hard copies - The Iron Mason EP and The Iron Mayan Album can be purchased as a package for £9.11

Ricky Henderson first made contact with Schizo & Artist during a recorded phone conversation which became a skit. The Skit is on the Full Iron Mayan album. The Merchandise section is under construction on this Bandcamp page.. For now, Anyone wishing to buy hard copies can contact You-Sonix Records on facebook, twitter or e-mail



released April 24, 2015

He-Man theme music by Shuki Levy and Haim Saban then chopped and looped by Han CMC And DJ U-TURN. Knight Rider theme composed by Stu Phillips , Thundercats Theme by Bernard Hoffer, A-Team theme music by Mike Post & Pete Carpenter, Trap Door beat by DJ Pryzmat ( sampled original theme by Scottish songwriter Bob Heatlie) Magnum P.I. theme by Mike Post. AirWolf music by Sylvester Levay, Indiana Jones theme music by John Williams, Back to the future theme by Alan Silvestri, Ghostbusters Theme composed by Ray Parker. Cover Art by Drew Devine



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