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IRON MAYAN was IRON MASONS first album recorded circa 2010. Ricky Henderson had recently discovered Schizo Creator and Artist Autistic. Realising their potential he set his sights on signing IRON MASONS to Henderson Records. Promising them fame, money and girls galore he got his way. Schizo and Artist saw the catch but signed the deal anyway, expecting to rinse Ricky and do their own thing god damn it!

This album was released on CD and you can still get hard copies if you want them. Also you can still stream IRON MAYAN on soundcloud. If you'd like a CD copy Just ask a member of the You Sonix or SOS Sons of Scotland team. The CD copies of IRON MAYAN have bonus tracks and extra material than what is online. This is aimed at encouraging people to also obtain hard copies of this music with their digital collection.

You Sonix Records have released the follow up albums to IRON MAYAN.... LOST SCROLLS and MIX VAPE ! ........Now here is where it all began and here for you by popular demand. ..re-released for your pleasure.. IRON MAYAN ! Expect crazy Inca steez, Aztec breeze and all the food for thought you can manage.. tell a friend to tell their friend and so on.. you know the deal. Real talk ! The Mayans did not predict the end of the earth, they predicted the end of a cycle. Schizo and Artist are, and always have been tuned to this cycle in a metaphysical way. Hear the tellings of two mediums on an educational conquest.

Rumour has it that IRON MASONS are busy recording their 4th album...... !!!!!!!!!!! look out for it on YOU SONIX RECORDS 2017 !!!


released December 26, 2016

All tracks produced by DJ U-TURN
Written by Schizo Creator and Artist Autistic




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